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The easiest way to reduce stress and how Amazon can help us?

The concept of creating Amazon Alexa eased our life.

A private assistant that helps us complete tasks we must do but rather forget. Just like Alexa, Microsoft's "Cortana, Apple's "Siri" and Google's "Google Now" are building our future personal assistant.

Unlike its peers, Alexa's operating system is based in the center of our house inside an interactive speaker.

The word "speaker" ignites my imagination into endless possibilities. Placing an interactive speaker in the center of our home constitutes a real springboard for cognitive-emotional-physiological uses through music.

Music embraces us, reminds us of our own roots, changes our way of thinking, the way we feel, deeply affects our emotions and bypasses the subconscious.

Additionally music has been shown to reduce blood pressure, increase release of Dopamine and Oxytocin, strengthen the immune system, increase Beta-Endorphins and Immunoglobulins while reducing plasmatic concentrations of Cortisol.

And the above mentioned pose only the tip of the iceberg, don’t get me going about the submerged part…

Music has been used for therapeutic purposes since the dawn of history. Using it represents a non-invasive therapeutic approach and it constitutes as an available, accessible drug with almost no side effects. Different music genres have been demonstrated to stimulate production of different biochemical agents. Research about music bio-effect is gradually gaining momentum each year.

What of it? We live in an area incredible stress. Modern life, and more particularly, working under the capitalist regime causes people to whirl through the vortex of achievements, goals and…money.

Emotions are put aside, folding its tails, poor, weak, unimportant and mostly forgotten. The whole array of emotion, individuality, personal thoughts – are pushed to the corner if not treated as a weakness.

It is no wonder that depression and anxiety are the chronic diseases of our age. Our emotions and body act in a hypnotic symbiosis - the more we suppress our emotions, our distress and our difficulties - increases the likelihood of us developing wake up calling illness.

We can no longer ignore the HPA axis (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal) that lies within our brain. it is there to protect is when it feels threatened. whether it's the danger that that derived from a lion hoarding towards us or whether it's our terrifying boss - our body responds in a similar way.

A sense of danger and fear or stress causes the HPA axis to activate the production of ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone) – a hormone that informs the adrenal gland that it must stream Adrenaline and Cortisole.

These two hormones aim to assist us in a difficult battle we must face as they increase blood pressure, enlarge the pupils, cease the digestive system, increase blood clotting and more. But hey, most of us do not take part in The Game of Thrones – there are no dragons amongst us and I hardly ever saw a battle of swords around the city.

The difficult battle to which our sympathetic system is enlisted, is mostly an emotional one. A dragon can appear in the image our colleague, boss, spouse, parents, children or ourselves who judge us mercilessly.

Music is the only proven way to help us soothe stress, anxiety and pain without having to do or buy anything but listen. Today, music is so accessible, available and cheap that it will not take much time until it becomes an integral part of any electrical device or application that is to take an emotional part of our lives.

As Gordon Moore set the "Moore Law" approximately in 1965 – a law regarding multiplying the number of transistors in electric circuits – I believe that today's zeitgeist will require frequent and extensive use of music; Designated, carefully chosen music needs to be embedded in any technological agent that wishes to be integrated into our lives.

Alexa, whether you're reading this or not, in order to stand out of the crowd you will have to dive into your emotional dimension. The most effective way to do this is by diagnosing and adapting types of music to various moods in an accessible way.

A PA that both adheres to our needs and affects our mood?

Now, that will be a meaningful serendipity.

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